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It iS UItramodern eXperience

在2018年俄罗斯世界杯到来之际,我们策划了一项品牌宣传活动。将SNG集团旗下的6种产品的品牌形象定位为 WeFriends卡通人物,以提高品牌知名度。


提高品牌知名度的最有效方法之一就是活用故事情节,潜在顾客在听到品牌的故事时, 会对品牌产生很大的信任感。没有附以特别的故事的品牌宣传,很难给用户留下良好的印象。同时社交产品的品牌建立在用户的沟通交流之上,应该对每个人都关注的热点问题投以关注,这样我们才可以迅速地响应热点事件,提高品牌价值。

One of the efficient ways to raise brand awareness is to utilize Storytelling. Potential customers are likely to build trust when they hear stories about the brand. Without any peculiar story, the brand may be unable to give good impression to users. Since social network brands are formed upon communication between users, it is important to be alert and interested in issues. In that way, we may get to promptly deal with crucial events and issues, leading to the improvement of brand value.


今年由俄罗斯举办的世界杯是和奥运会一样火热的世界级体育盛会。虽然中国进军世界杯的计划告吹,但中国企业在世界杯上花费的营销费用占整个世界杯期间各国的广告费的 35%,共有 24 亿美元。这说明中国对世界杯的关注正在爆发性地增长。因此,把为期一个多月的世界杯热点和自己的品牌联系起来是非常重要的。

World Cup is the hottest sports festival as much as the Olympics. This year, it was held in Russia. Though China failed to qualify for the World Cup, the amount of marketing investment of Chinese enterprises occupies 35% of $2.4 billion, the total advertising expense of each countries. This proves that World Cup is gaining explosive interest in China as well. Therefore, linking World Cup issues to the company brand for a month is highly important.


A.故事情节_ 把日常生活中的足球比赛组成短暂的故事情节,通过愉快和享受的方式表达出来。 同时,还对中国的足球文化、认知和环境等情况进行调查,集中思考如何与品牌相结合。

A. STORY_ By composing episodes of soccer games in our daily-life, the overall mood is focused on cheerfulness and joyfulness. Also, through researching Chinese soccer culture, awareness, environment etc., we strived to graft them into the brand.

B. 运动服_ 为了确保世界杯运动服设计的统一性,我们使用了一些代表性的颜色来对不同国家进行分类。

B. UNIFORM_ By unifying the uniform design, we aimed to show continuity of World Cup promotions. And to distinguish the countries, we deducted some representative colors for application.

C. 发布_ 每周发布2个故事配合当天进行的比赛。通过最大限度地匹配比赛内容,让品牌能够最大化地进行宣传。

C. RELEASE_ Every two episodes has been released on the tournament days weekly. By matching contents that best suits the game of the day, we made sure to maximize the promotion effect.


使用生动的背景色彩来演绎鲜明的形象, 为了让动画片看起来自然, 我们进行了多次的模拟试验。为了在短时间内体现出更多的故事情节,部分分组进行了分层的演示,尽量选择简洁明了的风格题材并尽量不要过于夸张地进行设计。

Vivid colors are utilized for the background to create a clear image, and to assure natural animation gesture, we proceeded after conducting many times of simulations. Since it is essential to demonstrate many episodes in a short time, partial layers are divided for rendering, and designed in the most minimal way with carefully selected objects that are not too extensive.


把视频的时间线, 音乐, 故事等统一起来,让用户更加切实地感受到宣传的效果。为了创造更精准的品牌故事,我们强化了图案与品牌的结合。这段视频是把8个故事情节组合成了一个片段。

Through unifying the timeline, music, story and other composition of the video, we made sure the promotion could be better imprinted to users’ mind. By creating accurate story for the brand, we fortified the linkage between the image and the brand. *This video is bound into 8 episodes in relay format.

Final Output



The core of Social Network Service is freshness and trend. Trendiness could be produced by user themselves of by products as well. However, promptly dealing with impressive events and issues is the most basic and important role of Social Network Service. Characters should also fortify their own identity so to deliver more valuable and influential stories alongside with the brand. WeFriends is just a start. Based on these experiences, let us expect a greater promotion to take place in the future.




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