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The client is a couple selling since 2010 Foreign, High Class and frozen Steak.

Steak is most often branded to appeal to men, but with some market research, I discovered that in China, it's mainly mothers that purchase steak for kids. Since steak is considered to be a meal that's special and extremely good for a child's development, I created a design for W Steak to highlight its numerous benefits.That motivated me to propose a different and new solution to the steak market in China.

While working on the project we decided to soflty redesign there logo, so that it can fit more well to there new packaging.

Key words: Fresh, family, young, safety, mothers choice.

Growth Steak - for Children and young people.
Sirloin Steak - for Children and women.
Short Loin S. - for Children and the whole family.
Pepper Steak. - for children and teh ones in need for a delicious Sauce (already inside the Steak)

"Promising lots of protein, good taste and tons of nourishment for a child, the 'Growth Steak' in particular appeals to mothers who want to make sure their young ones are well-fed. Rather than adopting a packaging design that's dark or black as many other meat products do, W Steak's high-end frozen food boxes feature a playful design in light colors and spots that mimic those that can be found on a cow."

“W” - Three & Aeon was a small task, but the persistence and determination turned it into a “great” project.

Branding, Packaging, Art Direction
Tom Jueris, 2015

Thanks to Laura McQuarrie (Text edit be)

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