Harbin Opera House & MISS KONG 2020


原创作品 / 摄影 / 环境/建筑
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Photography: misskong
Retouching: misskong

MAD Architects announced the completed Harbin Opera House, which is located in Harbin, a city in northern China. In 2010, MAD won an international open competition for Harbin Cultural Island. The planning of the competition included an opera house, a cultural center, and the wetland landscape along the Songhua River in Harbin. This meandering opera house is the focal point of the entire cultural island, with a construction area of approximately 850,000 square feet (approximately 79,000 square meters) and an area of 444 hectares. The building includes a 1,600-seat grand theater and a smaller theater that can accommodate 400 people.

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Harbin Opera House & MISS KONG 2020
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