Panyu Rd / 番禺路


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作品版权由RONG一融设计 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型版权归原作者所有。

位于上海长宁区的番禺路有着近一百年的历史,街道中保留着丰富的历史场所,如邬达克旧居,孙科别墅,上生新所等等。走过历史长河的建筑空间和当代社区一起如时空交接般赋予了番禺路独特的魅力。作为城市创新先驱者的城事设计节,希望透过创新的语言及视角,发掘城市中独特却被忽视的美,从而推动城市文化发展与创新的运动。 此次主题为漫步番禺,希望通过规划一条独特而趣味的游览路线,让漫步于番禺路的人们可以体会到其独特的文化魅力和所在街区的历史意义,整体设计的创意来源与对番禺路街道的观察,不同时期,不同历史背景下的建筑有着独特而精致的造型,每一栋房子都叙述着不同的历史,联系着过往和如今,而一栋栋新的和旧的房子一起组成了整个街区的家,是每个居民的港湾,是文化和情感包容的场所,设计围绕家的房子的概念,将房子的造型塑造成了视觉的核心符号,形态各异的建筑构建了整个活动丰富多元,又意义独特的视觉形象。

Extracted the symbolic visual element to build a connection between the present and the past, to tell a new story for the ancient streets.
Panyu Road is a historical site with over one-hundred-years of history. It is located in Changning district in Shanghai. The streets are enriched with abundance of history. It includes historical sites like Hudac Memorial Hall, Sunke Villa, Columbia circle etc. Walking alongside the stream of history, seeing the transformation of architecture, then blending it with modern community, together they granted PanYu Road a one-of-kind glamour. Being the precursor of city innovation force, Urban Design Festival wishes to uncover the unique but hidden beauty in modern city. In order to do so, one needs to see the city from a new perspective, thus accelerating the evolution of city culture. The theme of the project is Wander Panyu, one wishes to plan out a unique and entertaining touring route for people who wander around Panyu Road, that way they get to experience its unparalleled cultural charisma, along with the history.


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