PPPX Brand Strategy and Design (联合国儿童基金会)


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The PPPX is a UNICEF's intranet site. It is the primary repository for programme guidance in UNICEF. The "PPP" stands for "Principle, policy and procedure" and the "X" blends the “M” of the former manual with the “W” of wikipedia, while evoking the concept of eXperiment and representing the eXpanded access to guidance the project provides.

PPPX outlines UNICEF’s operational policies and procedures that guide Country Offices (COs) in programme development, implementation, management, monitoring, reporting and evaluation. It transforms UNICEF Programme Policy and Procedure Manual (PPPM) into an agile web-based structure, easy to search and to update, that equips and empowers UNICEF staff with the relevant information on programming. The ultimate goal is to contribute to UNICEF’s improved delivery of results through more flexible and context-adapted programming.

The Branding of PPPX develops a visual system and color coding to present the 6 elements of its content: Principles & Frameworks, Programme Design, Implementation, Monitoring, Reporting, Evaluation. Each element is symbolized by an icon and a color from the pallet.

Credit: 王上宁,何嘉砚

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PPPX Brand Strategy and Design (联合国儿童基金会)
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