Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre


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The Poly Theatre is a well-known work by Tadao Ando in Shanghai. The theater is located in Jiading New Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, adjacent to the Shanghai International Circuit. It is one of the iconic cultural facilities in Shanghai and the first theater in China to have a waterscape theater. The total construction area is 56,000 square meters and the total investment is about 700 million yuan. The theater can meet the requirements of performances such as dance drama, opera, drama, symphony concert, opera and variety show, and its sound effect reaches the domestic top level of architectural acoustics and stage equipment function configuration. The high degree of construction guarantees that the building will eventually be of high quality. During the day, it is like a jade filled with many secrets resting on the shore of Yuanxiang Lake. At night, it becomes a crystal clear crystal box floating in Above the vast water surface, talk quietly with your reflection.

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Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre
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