CMR | The Restaurant


原创作品 / 三维 / 场景
作品版权由jjppss 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型版权归原作者所有。

Key visual of a digital campaign for CMR Falabella. The brief : How to show off the credit card's enormous capabilities?. How to tell the world that, inside this tiny little card, there's hundreds of things and unforgettable moments?. Using just words its kind of cliché right?. But what about taking that truth literally to CGI. The result is visually inspiring, refreshing and entertaining.

Client: CMR Falabella
Agency: Shackleton
Executive Creative Director: Gustavo Marioni
Lead Creative Team: Juan Dupouy & Erwin Vergara
Lead Art Director: Juan Dupouy
Production: Pamela Russo

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CMR | The Restaurant
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