TOXIC Fried chicken(炸鸡品牌形象设计)


原创作品 / 平面 / 标志
作品版权由张韬 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型版权归原作者所有。

American Toxic Fried Chicken Shop, TOXIC itself is a very personal and adventurous name. In the new scheme, the original X's visual tension symbols and skull pattern personality elements are retained, which are simplified to make it more concise and modern.

At the same time, it reduces the difficulty of making process level performance when landing at the later stage.

The minimalization and geometrization of skull patterns will bring more modern dull feelings, which is now a very pleasant form. Some Bauhaus style, which retains personality elements, also improves the acceptance of skull elements. The organic curve form of skull seems to be round also adds unique details to the graphics.

The overall rigorous, concise and symmetrical form and organic treatment improve the overall visibility and timeliness.

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TOXIC Fried chicken(炸鸡品牌形象设计)
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