1806 Understanding Cat Care Infographic Poster


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Understanding Cat Care
What and how to do for cats: Stray cat vs House cat

According to the recent statistics, the population of the country is more than 1 million.
On the other hand, there are more than 20,000 organic grains per year.
For a peaceful and beautiful coexistence of cats and humans, I have included on the infographic how to properly care for domestic cats as well as street cats.​​​​​​​

Sung Hwan Jang
Current 203 X Design Studio CEO | He worked as an editorial designer in <Reader's Digest>, Yonhap News Graphic News Team, <Weekly Donga>, <Science Donga> and established the 203 X Design Studio in 2003 in front of Hongik University. Since then, he has been publishing a neighborhood magazine <STREET H>, which records in front of Hongik University in 2009, He founded the Infographic Lab in 2012 and hosted the Infographic Group exhibition at YOON DesignLab Gallery.
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1806 Understanding Cat Care Infographic Poster