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KI是来自日本,以干细胞健康为专业的高新医疗品牌。品牌希望通过塑造全新的形象,一方面展示其在干细胞领域专业全面的的技术和权威,同时能树立其源自日本的细腻与纯粹的文化特质。干细胞治疗的核心功效具有实现延缓衰老并增强个人免疫的功效,设计的创意来源于日本动漫里人物复活或者能量提升后出现的惊叹符号,同时将这样的语汇诠释了品牌独特的内涵 — 时间,绽放,重生和延续,并以此构筑了整个品牌视觉,简单纯粹的事物容易给人们带来更为广阔的想象空间以及更为深刻的记忆。设计将丰富多元的内涵与特质以极为精炼的语汇来表达,将品牌的文化深入浅出,创建了独一无二且具有鲜明识别的品牌符号。

Ki is a high-tech medical brand from Japan that specializes in stem cell therapy. The brand requested for a completely new image that is able to reflect its superiority in the medical field along with its multifaceted technological capability, and also able to establish its subtle and pure cultural characteristics, which is derived from its Japanese origin. 
Their core technology of stem cell therapy has the effect of delaying aging and enhancing immune system. The visual idea came from the symbol which would occur when a character is resurrected or got an energy boost in Japanese anime. Based on the symbol, we developed new meanings that can relate to the brand: time, bloom, rebirth and continuation continuity and, thus a simple and pure logo became the brand’s vision, which contains a deeper meaning and a broader interpretation. The simple design and the diverse connotations are expressed in a very refined vocabulary, which reinforced the brand culture and created a unique and recognizable brand image.


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