《1960-1980 History of Graphic design》-renew


原创作品 / 平面 / 书装/画册
作品版权由陈雨辰 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型版权归原作者所有。

DESIGNER: Chen Yuchen
YEAR: 2013
CLIENT: GenKi Books
The book is about the history of graphic design from 1960 to 1980, and we don’t choose the traditional bookbinding. It takes the way of archaeology to get to the point as its gist of book binding. We make the pages independent, mark number on each page and then put the pages into box. We burning the edge of the book page and sprinkle white powder on the pages which make the book look like have long history as antique book. the text word size is 6-pound, which is invisible for the human naked eye. The book binding to guide the audience to wear dust prevention gloves and take up brush and magnifier, act as archaeologist and study the history of graphic design.

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