Beautiful? The story of A man & A pig.#动漫作品#


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A man & a pig.
This story is about a man and a pig walk on road and see a beautiful city, then this man uses his intelligence to change the city by bar code. After changing that, he uses wires surrounding with them and makes people travel them with tickets. Whilst during his plans, this pig had even saved and helped him, but in the end, it was changed too.

“A man and pig” is a little story, which took me 2-day to draw it from script to finish. This story inspiration from I saw the beautiful view on my travel way. From this story, I want to display a phenomenon: For the sake of money, it turns the “original face” into goods. For the sake of benefit, friendship just meaning tools.

In our life, maybe u change them faces into “beauty”,but in fact, no beauty.
Maybe u completed a “beautiful works” in the end, but in fact, no beauty.
It is beautiful for original face and humanity.But many people lost both.


"Help!!" a man shouts from a well,a pig is walking and seeing.

This pig is saving him.

They are walking down the street and seeing something front of.

"Wow. so beautiful!, the pig said.

But man said "NO"

Then, this man is pulling these views down, pig is helping him.

Then,he is driving a earth-mover on it by following left bar-code. In the same time,he is using pig's nose to press the numbers of bar-code.

Finished, these views was changed...
he used rope to surrounding them and made people travel it by tickets. But big put in these bar code.

Now,he is saying "so beautiful!!"

这个故事灵感来源于我在旅行的路上见到的美丽风景,8张短篇漫画。<br>我想表现的是一种现象:为了金钱,改变原始最美的模样,变成商品;为了利益,把朋友视为实现目的工具。 <br><br>在我们的生活中,你可能改变了它们的本来面目,从而使之变“漂亮”,但事实上,并不漂亮;你可能成功的完成了一个计划,从而使之变“漂亮”,但事实上,并不漂亮。<br>漂亮的是,原始的面目和人性,而两者,却有人全都丢失。



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Beautiful? The story of A man & A pig.#动漫作品#