Mercedes Benz Arena


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The Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center is located in the Shanghai World Expo Park and has an 18,000-seat main stadium, as well as a music club, cinema, ice skating rink, restaurant, and retail area. As one of the most important permanent venues for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, it will undertake various large-scale performances and events during the Expo to meet the needs of the large-scale cultural performances of the Expo. At the same time, it also fully considered the follow-up utilization and sustainable development needs after the World Expo, and it is compatible with the positioning of Shanghai's "international cultural metropolis." The Performing Arts Center will be built into a world-class modern performing arts venue; a cultural agglomeration with integrated performing arts, art displays, and fashion entertainment; and a new landmark for urban culture and entertainment in the future and a new highlight of urban tourism.

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Mercedes Benz Arena
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