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作品版权由RONG一融设计 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型版权归原作者所有。

VIS是位于上海市中心的一家针对女性的高端健身工作室,V代表视野vision,I代表独立independed,S代表专业speciality, 这是品牌创立之初的追求与目标,也是针对当代精英女性优雅出众,独立担当的风范写照。设计通过图形创新,将品牌名与品牌的形象树立进行了完美的融合和表达。V在平面视觉里是折线的线段,在意义上可以理解成strong,resistant, challenged等等 I在平面视觉里是直线,可以理解成slim,smooth, peaceful等等, 同样,S是波浪线,可以理解成sexy,rhythmic, mellow等等,通过对品牌文字图形内涵的结合与创新,一方面呈现了意义非凡且独一无二的品牌标志,另一方面,丰富的视觉延展为品牌未来应用提供了无限的可能。

Brand identity of a high-end fitness studio for women located in downtown Shanghai.
VIS is a high-end fitness studio for women located in downtown Shanghai. VIS stands for Vision, Independence and Specialty, which is the ambition of the brand and also the reflection of the elegance and independence represented by the contemporary elite women. The design enables a perfect blend and expression of the brand name and image through graphics innovation. In the form of the letters, "V" is a broken line, indicating the meanings of strength, resistance and challenge; "I" is a straight line which stands for slim, smooth and peaceful; "S" is a wavy line that refers to sexy, rhythmic and mellow. The combination of the connotations represented by the letters and the graphics creates an iconic and unique logo, while the rich visual extensions provide unlimited possibilities for the brand application.

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