Jadewy 含露玉梳


原创作品 / 平面 / 品牌
作品版权由OKBRAND 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型版权归原作者所有。

Jadewy is China's first professional jade comb brand. The founder has been focusing on the patent research, development and technology exploration of jade comb for 7 years, and striving to drive is industrialization, brand.

Stormbrand has helped Jadewy move from a very traditional industry to a young brand with an oriental sense of fashion, turning its appeal from a middle-aged and elderly person to a young fashion crowd, with product line reorganized.

From the perspective of consumers, srotmbrand puts forward the emotional value proposition of "true love is most precious". It has endowed value-oriented jade comb with the emotional value, thus increasing the premium value of the brand.

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