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As we continue to celebrate the influence of art and design on perception with the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, we’re taking a closer look at the group of talented makers featured in issue six. Today we follow up with Rachel and Nick Cope, of Calico Wallpaper, a design studio that specializes in gilded, metallic and marble wallpapers and bespoken wall murals.

This issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly focuses on Impressions: The kind we strive to leave on our peers, customers, influencers, culture and history. What kind of impression do you want to leave behind?

As designers and artists, we would like our work to create an experience for anyone who encounters a wall covered in Calico Wallpaper. Of course timelessness is an honorable goal, however, one that is implausible and somewhat hypocritical.

We would rather hope that our product moves our audience here-and-now, perhaps creating a moment of wonder and awe. Perhaps in 100 years, our paper may continue to hang on a few special walls…that would nice.

Since our murals are customized for every space, it truly is a different experience when confronting each installation and we hope that this specialness is absorbed by the viewer. Perhaps it is this idea of utilizing no techniques in design and production that might be adopted by future wallpaper designers enabling more specialized and unique products available on demand.

“Every inch of the artwork is different so it forces participation to examine and appreciate the visual complexity of the mural. Someone once said to us that “Calico is wallpaper raised to high art;” something we love to hear.”

---- Rachel and Nick Cope

Cofounders of Calico Wallpaper

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Champions of Craft: Calico Wallpaper