雷德夫随行保温杯 | LEIDFOR Vacuum Flask


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LEIDFOR Vacuum Flask

Heat preservation bottle can hold the inner temperature for a long time, and prevent heat dissipation, so that you can drink hot water at any time, without being afraid of the cold winter any more. We know that there are three ways of heat propagating: radiation, convection, and transmission. According to these three ways of propagating, heat preservation cup can prevent the heat from transmission by skillfully making use of the vacuum layer to separate the inner tank and bottle body, Bottles that are not easy to transfer heat can also prevent heat convection well, which ensures the hot air within the bottle will not dissipate for a long time, and the target of long-time heat preservation is realized.

The heat preservation bottle adopts a hand-held design, the overall appearance of the bottle cover is a semi-arc shape, bringing pepole a simple beauty of lines. The arc design is also more suitable for the structure of human hand, so it can be easily used whether by left or the right hand. The independent filter plate brings more diversified functional experience; the bottle body is made of stainless steel,, making the structure stable and practical; a wide rim of the bottle with double vacuum layers makes the touch soft and protects lips; the silica-based bottom of the bottle makes it more durable in various of situations.

随行保温杯 - 雷德夫



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