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Lucky egg是一款独特创新的鸡蛋包装。
在设计前期的市场调研,我们发现市场上的鸡蛋包装除了平面画面的区分外都显得千篇一律,几乎所有的品牌都是通过长方形纸浆盒搭配封套来呈现,尽管理解成本及产品运输的限制,但我们认为品牌产品的个性塑造仍然值得去思考和探索。设计的目标是希望在现有的材质和成本的限制内,通过创意赋予产品与众不同的品牌体验及文化内涵。设计的灵感来源于台球的Lucky “eight” 和“egg”的趣味谐音,以及台球与鸡蛋的形似,在保持同样的材质和成本下,用三角形取代了传统的长方形蛋盒,并赋予了台球的趣味主题,让品牌变得独特而情趣十足,诙谐的互动增强了产品识别度以及与消费者的亲切感,从而让品牌产品得以散发个性光芒。

After doing research on the fresh produce market, we noticed the packagings for eggs are very similar, other than the designs printed on the cartons, the structure and the materials are almost identical for every brand. 
Although when it comes to budgeting and product transportations, there are many limits. We still believe these should not stop us from exploring the possibilities for an ordinary egg carton. 
The design aimed to give egg cartons a unique user experience and cultural connotation, while keeping the cost under budget. The inspiration came from the similarities between eggs and billiards. Not only the shapes are comparable, the pronunciation of Lucky Egg and Lucky Eight are also alike. 
The anti-traditional, triangle-shaped carton design makes this packaging stand out from the crowd, and when you open the carton, the eggs are organized the same specific way billiard balls are racked in the cribbage arrangement. This design gives an ordinary egg carton a unique feature and it became more appealing to the users, while creating an entertaining user experience.

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Lucky Egg