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Capacitea is a chinese tea brand which selling in the UK market. When we get this project, we try to make a clear visual difference with other Chinese culture products in the western market. In the past, most of the western people only recognize Chinese culture by the "Dragon","Great Wall" or Chinese old patterns. But now is 21th centry, so how we could present the modern Chinese culture. First, we use 8 main color to seperate 8 different teas, pick 8 differnt main objets to present each tea. For example: the tea “PUER”, we used whisky for the main object, because they have the same speciality "more elder more mellow". It will let western people easier to understand Chinese tea culture. Then we findout, to visualize the modern Chinese culture is not to redesign the old Chinese pattern, but the temperament. What didn't change in the past thousand years is the temperament of Chinese culture. "Introverted","Elegance" and "implicit“.

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