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Project Background

As a company grows, it needs to respond to market changes, even in the transitions in mindset of the founder. The branding of the company needs to adapt and visually reposition itself to both business partners and consumers. This Shanghai based company has pivoted to the art industry, doing art buying, curating, exhibitions, residency programs, artists related events and collaborations.
Interestingly, the client has a different take on what art means relative to prevailing perceptions in the China market. They believe art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, social status, and career background. Not only for the rich and social elites. Hence UI came into being. Part of the old entity FRUIT, and placing special emphasis on this relationship and interface between, you, I and Art.
Presenting UI.
但对于艺术,尤其相对于中国这个大环境,客户有着与众不同的理解——艺术不应该有距离感,更不是有钱人才能欣赏涉及的玩意儿;艺术应该走出去接近人,无论年龄、阶层、行业。所以就有了 UI 这个名字和概念。UI 还是公司原名字 FRUIT 的一部分,而且希望在视觉呈现上焕然一新。
我们很开心介绍 UI。

The Art of U & I

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UI Branding Design
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