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January. 2017

《趖》主題字體設計 | Walking or Sitting

設計概念 | The design concept
這個主題的初衷是源於對生活上存在的壹種現象而做,即現在生活上“坐”已成為壹種習慣,“走”已被大部分人忽略。人壹天大部分的時間都在“坐”,即使閑下來的時間也在“坐”,外比內,出比宅,走比坐,往往會有更新的體會和感受。那麽,多出去走走究竟會帶給人怎樣的感受呢?源於這個想法 ,便想從人的五感入手,通過“走”所能帶給我們的感受而想了32組詞語進行設計,這裏只提取了28組字體,主題字體“趖”字則是以“走”和“坐”組成,人不單只是“坐”,還需要“走”。之前第壹步設計時候選取的是黑色作為主色調,這次經過顏色的嘗試,選取了比較柔和、親昵的顏色作為主色調。合字手法有很多,多見於喜慶的毛筆合字,但是這種方式是屬於自己第壹次嘗試,所要表達的是外面的道路有很多,需要每個人多去走,多去感受;

The original intention of this theme stems from a phenomenon that exists in life. That is to say, "sitting" has become a habit now, and "walking" has been neglected by most people. One day most of the time in the "sit", even if the idle time is in "sit", outside the Binet, than the house, walking than sitting, often will have a deeper understanding and feeling. Well, how about going out for a walk? From this idea, we want to start from the five sense, the "walk" can bring to our feelings and to design 32 groups of words, there is only from the 28 group of fonts, font theme "Suo" is to "go" and "sit", people not only "sit", also need to go "". The next step was to design black as the main color. This time, after the color attempts, the softer and more intimate colors were selected as the main colors. There are many ways to combine characters, mostly in happy writing brush, but this method belongs to the first attempt by oneself. What you want to express is that there are a lot of roads outside. You need to walk more and feel more;

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