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Following our series of tutorials inspired by movie posters, today we bring to you a simple image inspired by the new Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell's movie, TheIncredible Burt Wonderstone. The poster and the TV spot show a really nice old signage effect, that's the title of the movie. As usual that was perfect for a Photoshop tutorial and also to create a nice animated gif.So for this tutorial we will show you how to create a nice old signage effect using Photoshop and a stock photo. The whole process is pretty simple bu the end result is quite nice. We will also create a simple animated gif in the end.




Step 1

Open Photoshop and create a new document. I am using 2880x1800 because it's the resolution I need for a nice wallpaper. Make sure that your background color is black.


Step 2

Let's add the text that will be the base of the design. The concept is inspired by the movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, it's about two magicians so it has all that Las Vegas style. For the font I used Knockout for the "Abduzeeni" and Adobe Devanagari for the "The amazing". Position the text like the image below.

让我们添加文本,这是设计的基础。这个想法来源于《令人难以置信的Wonderstone伯特》的电影,它是关于两个魔术师的,所以它具有所有的拉斯维加斯风格。我用的字体是淘汰的“Abduzeeni”和Adobe梵文字母的“The amazing”。文字的排版像以下图片展示的一样。

Step 3

Let's use some 3D in Photoshop. Adobe has been working hard to give to Photoshop users a better 3D tool and I have to say, it's getting better. It's not as slow for basic 3D objects and it is also more intuitive. So To create our 3D text, just select the layer with the text you want to apply the 3D and go to 3D>New 3D Extrusion from Selected Layer. After that you the 3D panel will open and you will see the layers of the 3D. By clicking on the different layers: Scene, Current View, Text Extrusion, Infinite Light 1 and Default Camera, you will be able to change their properties. The images below show some of these properties.

让我们使用Photoshop中的3D功能。 Adobe已经很努力的为Photoshop用户创造一个更好的3D工具,我不得不说,它变得更好用了。对于基本的3D物体设计,也更直观了。因此要创建我们的3D文字,只需要选择你想要创建的3D的文字层,然后应用 3D>从选定层挤压3D功能。之后,你将打开3D面板,你会看到3D的图层。通过点击不同的层次:场景、当前视图、文本挤出、无限灯光1、默认的摄像头,您将能够改变它们的属性。下面的图片显示其中的某些属性。

< 环境

< 网格

< 盖子

< 变形

< 无限光

Step 4

Once you have your 3D settings adjusted, go to 3D>Render to render your 3D layer. You will have something like the image below.


Step 5

Select the faceof the 3D object and create a new layer from it. Fill this layer with red. Go toLayer>Create Clipping Mask.


Step 6

Go to Layer>NewAdjustment Layer>Hue and Saturation. Use 30 forthe Hue, 30 for the Saturation and -50 for the Lightness. Make sure that this layer is alsousing clipping mask (Go to Layer>Create Clipping Mask) so the effect only applies to the 3Dlayer.


Step 7

To create thelight bulbs, let's use a real image. The one I am using is courtesy of Shutterstock and it's calledNeon casino entrance sign by MaxFX. Copy one light bulb that is not completelly on and anotherthat is off. Paste these 2 lights to your composition and start filling thespace on the letters. Notice that I am using a shadow to give some depth. Youcan do that using layer styles. Another tip is change the direction of theshadow for the letters that are on the left or right, that way we make sureit's a little bit more realistic.


Step 8

Add a layer ontop of the others and group it so it will be in a folder. Change the BlendMode of the folder toColor Dodge. Select the layer inside of this folderand then with the Brush Tool (B), select a very soft and rounded brushwith white for the color. Resize the brush so it is a 30% bigger than the light bulb. Paint in theselect layer with white on top of the light bulbs you want to turn on.


Step 9

Repeat the sameprocess to the other light bulbs.



Duplicate alllayers and merge the new layers into one. Go to Filter>Blur>GaussianBlur. Use 10pixels for the radius. Change the Blend Mode of this layer to Screenat 20%. Duplicate thislayer again and change theBlend Mode to Overlay at 50%. Move the folder with the layer thathas the white spots (previous step) so this layer is on top of all otherlayers. After all these steps you are good to go. You can make some adjustmentsand improve the design for sure, but that's the whole idea of the tutorial, togive you some directions, now it's up to you.



To create theanimation is pretty simple, just create a few different versions with somelights on and off. After that using a app that can create animated gifs, justimport all this images. I used Fireworks and for each state I used one of theversions.


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