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作品版权由mario91 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型版权归原作者所有。

The design of this work is based on live-action role-playing game products, with Participatory Design and Low-poly style Design as starting point. In other words, we adopt low-polygon to design animal mask and create morphological characteristics of architecture things by reverse thinking and relying on simple style, in order to make design interest and fashion in the concept of Be Someone. The players can make masks for its own role according to supplied materials before game and can make masks to other objectives after game, which can increase participation of players and stimulate their interest.
The design emphasizes the interaction with the players, which indicates that the products belong to a semi-product. In pre-design phase, we only complete virgin pulp mask of different animal heads and use paper model to embody it. In post-design, the players can create their own distinct gameplay. Doing so can let players to participate in the process consciously and can achieve bilateral communication. It is emphasis that we put player's self-awareness into design, which also make design more energy and affinity. Finally, we utilize platform toy mode to let some independent photographers, illustrators, and volunteers to carry out re-design on the basis of animal head with purpose of promotion. That is to say, the works embodies the concept of Semi and Re-design, The name of work is Semi, which is taken from affix of English words to express the concept.
本作品是真人角色扮演游戏产品设计,以“参与设计”和“多边形风格设计”作为设计的两大原点出发,用低多边形风格设计动物面具,采用反向思维使用低多边形风格依托简约的块面架构事物的形态特征,在“成为某人”的构思下使设计兼具趣味和时尚。为了增加玩家的设计参与度,激发他们的兴趣,在游戏前玩家根据我提供的材料制作角色面具,游戏后玩家自行DIY将面具做成所使用的物品。 本设计强调与玩家的互动,产品本身属于一个“半成品”。设计前期完成了不同动物头像的原型,并利用纸模型的形式体现,后期需要玩家自己尝试创造不同玩法。让使用户在与设计接触的过程中自觉主动参与设计。与使用者建立双向沟通。为了让设计更好地接触使用者,激发他们的兴趣和参与性。通过强调将玩家的自我意识融入设计的过程,让设计也变得更具活力和亲和力 最后以平台玩具的模式让一些独立摄影人,插画师,志愿者以动物头套为载体进行再设计,再创作来进行宣传。整个作品体现了“半成品”和“re-design”这一概念。这组作品取名为“semi”取至英文词缀semi-,意为“半”来体现作品的概念。

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