Shinesun Bowl&Plate 蓝牙音响


原创作品 / 工业/产品 / 电子产品
作品版权由hellosans 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型版权归原作者所有。


Item supervisor | Jing Wang
Job supervisor | Rita
Building engineer | William
Electronic engineer | Tony
Designer (logo, VI design, product design, website design and package design) | Sim Peng​​​​​​​


The inspiration of wall-mounting type design originates from the accessory on the wall. It not just might conserve the area however likewise can be incorporated into the house environment. The cordless charging allows you to obtain rid of the restraint of line. To play Bowl into Plate, it can be charged without tiresome operations. With cordless charging, magnetic wall-mounting and remote switch by means of Bluetooth link, the ShineSun speaker is a best mix of Chinese culture with innovative electronic devices and outstanding acoustics.

The Chinese name of this logo design indicates "Xiangshang", literarily suggesting "Shinesun". "Xiang" indicates creating forward in Chinese significance while "Shang" requirements for the coexistence of young style and classics. The design of logo design ought to satisfy the brand motto (Oriental vintage, reformulated!). For this regard, I have to discover the Chinese vintage conference Shinesun. 

I get inspiration from Chinese calligraphy, specifically the symptom of calligraphy on porcelain. For that reason, I would like use the aspects of porcelain into the touch penel. Door “門” shows "switch" while “一” and “十” mean "volume control".

This bluetooth speaker invested our group more than one year. In order to comprehend the craft and products, we run over half a China, likewise experienced a great deal of problems, lots of manufacturers are not most likely to do it. In the end, we stay with it and we are success.
It includes an extremely creative, back-lit porcelain as interface with 3 Chinese characters under glazed as touch keys.The set differentiates itself from typical speakers with an asian minimalist design decorated by a classic 100 % ramie cover.

2 x 2寸全频域单元喇叭辅以专有纸浆配方,钕铁硼稀土强磁确保强劲驱动。
2 x 5瓦D级功放,DSP调试充分考虑家居环境对声音的需求,并照顾到您的日常使用习惯,力求声音效果柔和细腻。

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Shinesun Bowl&Plate 蓝牙音响
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