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“even when you go off the grid, you might still be on it”- The Jefferson Grid, environmental scale is a relevant conception, if I change a different proportion of landscape or distance which to the local geography, I can get an another complete different result of landscape. In this scale I abstract the landscape into an iridescent fluidic surface, which can interact with time and depth separately in physical object and virtual representation.

at first, I want to create an iridescent landscape with HIPS (high impact polystyrene)materials, which consists of super smooth surface, but the time limitation, I have to change my idea, so the idea of this installation pops up, I mapped the whole iridescent landscape into a box, use a special material to cover it, make it blur, which means if we cover one eyes to witness the world, the time and space might be different, the problem is not all the people and government use a macroscopic way to view the world, if you do, you might see a different world. All this installation around with a core word, light, I want to use the most natural way to represent the environmental scale, including the reflections, translucent, the routing restricts the audience was predesigned to make spectator go into the work and be part of the work, melt in the nature.

Physical artifacts:
The physical artifacts in this project can be divided into two parts, the first one is interactive installation, which I want to clamp the environmental landscape into the square, when people standing far away from the object, the audience can see the obscure shape of landscape. When they get closer, the screen will change to flash light, and the light will be stronger with the closer distance.

I used ultrasonic sensor to detect distance, and transfer data back to Arduino serial monitor to control the lights. The light strip I used is neo pixels, which I can access the library in Arduino, it’s quite handy.



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