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Landscape Spore
Oil contamination has been worsening in recent years. Although people has taken various measures to control it, huge damage has been done to ocean ecological balance, wetland ecosystem and economic resources. Since 1967 12 big oil contamination events have taken place, among which the one in April, 2010 aroused global concern. A cascade of gas explosions crippled the Deepwater Horizon in Mexican Gulf, south of America, on April 20th, and the oil flow from leak were estimated 200 kilometers long, 100 kilometers wide. The flow area expanded continually, which took several months to clear out. The disaster destroyed 1000-mile-long wetland and beach alongside the Mexican Gulf, brought great loss to fishing and resulted in extinction of quite a few species. The Mexican Gulf has been confronted with unprecedented ecological crisis. The wetland is the most polluted with lasting ecological consequences, if we take the wetland, its offshore area and the offshore boring island as one polluted area. Different types of contamination with different influential duration are now corroding Louisiana. Efforts have been made to solve the problem by dispensing landscape spores of various functions in polluted wetlands, offshore areas and the offshore boring island. The process of spores—germination, dormancy and death—helps decreasing the leaking oil. We are expecting to extend this method to other similar polluting problems in wetlands.
Landscape spore: A spore is a reproductive structure, surviving for extended periods of time in unfavorable conditions. The oil leak incident in Mexican Gulf brought great damage to plants and animals in the wetland and the ocean. Landscape spores restore the landscape in the wetland, offshore areas and the deepwater zone through germination; dormant spores provide emergent solutions for possible future disasters.The first landscape spore “arthrospore" (swamp wet area)



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