BB-8 Legion[附自制壁纸]


原创作品 / 三维 / 动画/影视
作品版权由SCUTRun 解释, 禁止匿名转载;禁止商业使用;禁止个人使用。 临摹作品,同人作品原型版权归原作者所有。


这次作品以BB-8为原型,通过三维建模、渲染、后期处理、排版设计、动画制作等一些列设计制作得出~~(附自制壁纸,拿走不谢( ̄_, ̄ ))

BB-8, sometimes spelled Beebee-Ate, was a BB unit astromech droid who operated approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor. It had a dome head, similar to that of R2 series astromech droids, with the bulk of its body made up of a ball on which the droid's head rolled. BB-8 was mostly white, with some silver and orange on its body, as well as a black photoreceptor. The droid belonged to Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, whom he accompanied during his flights on his T-70 X-wing fighter.

A BB unit astromech droid who operated approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor, BB-8 became the companion of New Republic Commander and flight leader of Rapier Squadron, Poe Dameron. BB-8 followed Dameron when he left the New Republic fleet and joined the Resistance.

After accompanying Dameron on many missions for the Resistance, BB-8 went with his master to Tuanul in Jakku to meet with Lor San Tekka. While Dameron spoke to Tekka in his hut, BB-8 waited outside and saw four First Order Atmospheric Assault Landers approach. He then alerted his master of the Order's arrival, so Tekka handed Dameron a memory drive containing a map to Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's location. BB-8 and Dameron then fled to their T-70 X-wing fighter, but before they could escape, Stormtroopers disabled its engines. Unable to escape, Dameron gave BB-8 the map and an order to get as far away as possible, which BB-8 did.

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BB-8 Legion[附自制壁纸]
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