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Can computers independently create a masterpiece?

POETRY³ is a computer program developed by Ren Yuan to explore this question. Maybe this can be achieved in a certain time through a great amount of random generation. However, it is far from something easy and only has a very small chance of happening. Moreover, whether a masterpiece is created or not needs to be decided by an aesthetic subject. If computers have aesthetic awareness, it is certainly different from that of human being. Therefore, the aesthetic judgment here in this question should be decided by human being. Over the generation process, human’s aesthetics stimulates the computer to generate works more and more close to a masterpiece. The program developed by Ren Yuan is based on genetic algorithm. It regards poetry as a population. The poems more close to people’s aesthetics in the population have a higher probability of passing their genes to the next generations. Meanwhile, mutation ensures the diversity of individuals. After several generations of evolution, the masterpiece may appear.



When POETRY³ performs the initiation, it will automatically generate eight poems based on computer codes. At the same time, it will create the audio and visual according to the word codes of each poem. The program will execute the genetic algorithm at an interval of ten minutes and generate eight new poems. The user can select his favorite poems through the interface, which will add the fitness of the poems. The higher the fitness is, the bigger possibility of crossover the poem has. In addition, the crossover rate and mutation rate are influenced by the actual temperature and PM2.5.<br><br>《詩³》在初始化时,会基于计算机编码自动生成八首诗,同时根据每首诗的文字编码生成相应的声音和视觉。程序每隔十分钟会执行一次遗传算法,生成八首新的诗,用户可以通过界面选择自己喜欢的诗,对每首诗的选择都会增加它们的适应度,适应度越高被选择进行杂交的可能性越大。此外,遗传算法的杂交率和变异率会受到当天温度和PM2.5的影响。

The reason for using the cube of poetry to name this program is that it also generates audio and visual aside from the poems itself according to the codes of poems. Therefore, users can appreciate the poems beyond the word dimension, but also along the audio and visual scale.<br><br>之所以用诗的立方来命名是因为程序在生成诗的同时还基于诗的编码生成了声音和视觉,这样用户对诗的审美不仅限于文字,还有听觉和视觉的审美。



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