Opportunities for Startups


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Hello everyone, first things first. My name is Andreas and I am a designer, well maybe more than just a designer. I have won the Reddot Award twice and consulted companies such as Muji, Ikea, Alibaba angel invested group and Umbra. Well these are just experiences that I had, however I have been concentrating on Startups because I find my working style and my lifestyle more suitable for the startup generation. And also my ideas are way much accepted by startups because of their "open mind" and "innovative thinking".

What I bring to Startups is "Design Thinking". Not only about products (technological, App, internet etc...) but more about the organization of the working system. I help startups to think more about their customers and users, designing the best experience for them will result as a successful product and hence the fame and profits.

I collaborated with over 25 Startups in the past years and one of which was awarded the Reddot Award for Best App Design, "The fontBook". I hope to bring my experience in terms of design thinking and innovation to Chinese Startups and make great products.

If you are a Startup in need of design consultation and help, look no further. Contact me and let's get this done.



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Opportunities for Startups
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